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PrimeGuide Partners

"We believe that every company has a story to tell. We believe in telling it right!"



PrimeGuide Partners are digital marketers you can trust. We are an extension of your marketing team; always ready to collaborate and bring your brand to life. We build smart marketing strategies, implement tactics, create content, publish, analyze and engage.   

We come from corporate and understand the value of delivering brand messages and adhering to brand standards. We have worked with small to large businesses, B2C and B2B, profit and non-profit, health and wellness, travel and hospitality, beauty and restaurants.  Click here to view our awesome clients. 

Co-founders Mel and Paula met five years ago as members of an opening team for a reputable hotel in Times Square. Mel has a journalism degree, launched a and converted a new Hotel Brand in Times Square and celebrated viral stories for this amazing opportunity with Hyatt.  She loves all things social and digital. Paula began her career in entertainment, and she has since led marketing and PR efforts for one of the largest hotels in New York City.  Paula loves comedy, savors a warm cup of earl grey tea and enjoys sitting under the canopy trees at Lincoln Center.

We bring creativity, knowledge, expertise,  organization and results you need in this ever-changing and crowded digital sphere. We promise to shine a light on your brand to maximize returns on your investment and returns on relationships.


Prime Victory

We love social media and we enjoy working with companies big and small.  We're dedicated to you and we work hard at earning your customers' trust through social listening, community engagement, human-centric content backed by analytical data, immediate and exceptional customer service. This is what we call "prime victory."

We collaborate on all projects and we're located in New York City. We work remotely and we can hold meetings in Manhattan.

We're both dedicated to giving back to the community. After working with every client, we donate our time to making the world a better place. 


Schedule your discovery call today by completing the form below.  It’s time to shine a light on your brand to claim your "prime victory."

Prime Support

Whether you are a business owner who needs professional support in launching a new product or you manage a hotel who wants to reignite your online reputation, PrimeGuide Partners will build your "share of voice" and shine a light on Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and WeChat for you.  


Simply call (212) 457-1083 or email to discuss your business objectives and for your valuable time, we will provide a for a free Sprout Social Competitor Analysis Report on your top 3 Instagram competitors with business accounts. This report is a sneak peek of an analytical report that will enable discovery, engagement and growth.

We're Social On-Line and In-Person

Let's socialize on Instagram and enjoy creatives that are informational, inspirational, practical, entertaining and worthy of your time. Simply click on @PrimeGuide below, share a comment, ask a question or pass them onto your friends who are looking for a Social Media & Digital Marketing Team. Thank you an see you online or better in-person. 

Co-Founders Paula McGowan and Melissa Ortiz


Your PrimeGUIDE

We offer a variety of social media and digital marketing solutions that build your unique online presence and maximize returns.  Let's discuss the various options available to you.

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Community Engagement
  • Reputation Management

  • Co-Marketing

  • Influencer Marketing

  • E-Mail Marketing

  • Social Media Training

  • Public Relations

  • WeChat


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