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  • Writer's pictureMel recognizes PrimeGuide Partners as "New York's Best US Digital Marketing Agency"

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

We are truly grateful and ecstatic to share that we have been recognized as "New York's Best US Digital Marketing Agency" by despite the current Covid-19 pandemic, economic and political situation in the US. We want to thank for acknowledging our hard work and many, many thanks to our previous and current clients for entrusting us with their digital presence. As Women Of Color, this title gives us great pride and empowers the team to keep doing what we do best in digital marketing.

As a new and growing boutique marketing agency, we had the opportunity to work with 17 companies, all of which, were small to large businesses in the domestic US and South Korea. It has been a very humbling and rewarding experience to support Executives and Entrepreneurs from the Health & Wellness and Hospitality space.

PrimeGuide Partners are also proud to share that 100% of our clients and contractors are Women from Small Businesses in the US and we want to commend them all for their strength, motivation, and resilience especially during these unprecedented times.

PrimeGuide Partners specializes in Social Media & Digital Marketing and we're proud Sprout Social Partners. For more information about us, email and take a look at our media kit. To see more social content, follow us on Instagram or Facebook, it would be fun to engage with you.



Melissa Ortiz


PrimeGuide Partners


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